Rumen Lishkov


Automation enthusiast with a wide breadth of experience in corporate infrastructures based of different technologies, orchestration, integration and deployments. Passionate to be up to date with latest technologies and best practices to help customers finding their needs.

CI / CD | Infra as Code (IaC) 95%
Automation and Escalations 90%
Virtualization / Cloud Architecture 80%
Scripting / Testing / Debuging 75%
System and Network Administration 90%
Logging and Monitoring 80%
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Work Experience

previous associations

DevOps Engeneer

Company Info

Resolve Systems®, the leading IT automation and orchestration platform The unified platform will handle a wide array of IT operations. From AI-driven infrastructure mapping, operational data correlation, and predictive analytics to intelligently automating cross-domain actions based on those findings.

2019 - NOW


♦ Implementations and enhancement of CI/CD process.

♦ Maintaining Kubernetes with scalable services such as Jenkins and Selenium.

♦ Automation of infrastructure and diffrent envoirments with AWX Tower/ Ansible.

♦ Investigate code failures, fix them and execute root-cause analysis.

♦ Improving software builds with tools such as Maven, Ant and Gradle.

♦ Debuging language applications such as Java, Python, Groovy.

♦ Dockerizations of the product services and third party's.

DevOps Engeneer

Company Info

Playwing is owned by the founders of Ubisoft and is focused on mobile entertainment. Develop high profile games for major app-stores and innovative mobile game distribution in high growth countries.

2018 - 2019


♦ CI/CD implementations and optimizations with Jenkins, CodePipeline.

♦ Manage AWS infrastructure in a diffrent environments to ensure minimum downtime.

♦ Implementation of IaC resources with Terraform with autoscaling performance.

♦ Fault tolerance and auto-recovery necessary to achieve highly available services.

♦ Investigate failures, fix them and execute root-cause analysis.

♦ Automation (OS, database services, virtual networks, or other platform services)

♦ Contribute to the development, maintenance, and usage of deployments and tasks.

DevOps Engeneer

Company Info

Ingima Bulgaria is a company specialized in developing software applications for Ingima Group and its customers like helth care goverment of France.

2016 - 2018


♦ Build from scrach AWS envoirment with multiAZ clusters.

♦ Build and deploying java-based applications with tools such as Jenkins

♦ Administration of centralized repositories System such as Nexus

♦ Installation of centralized logging system such as ELK

♦ Installation and configuration and administration of monitoring tools

♦ Installation and configuration of LDAP Server to authenticate different development tools

♦ Configure and maintain web Servers, domain zones and ssl certificates

♦ Implement clustered applications such as Rancher, RDS, ELB

IT Consultant

Company Info

The Group has significant expertise and management experience in the sectors of processing industry, finance and banking, energy, real estate, logistics, infrastructure, telecommunications and IT.


♦ Design network solutions specifically to business need.

♦ Managed remote Servers labs for multiple business $ENV.

♦ Designing and installing IT System for support center.

♦ Writing reports and documentation.

♦ Training support team and consulting share holders.

♦ Compiling and presenting information.

♦ Consulting share holders.

2007 - 2016

Senior System Administrator

Company Info

Brokerage services involving debt securities – government securities, global and corporate bonds, municipal debentures.


♦ Became the accessibility thought leader responsible for meeting Level AA compliance for all project work

♦ Developed new account strategy for large financial companys including experience strategy

♦ Implementation, Installation and Support of MetaTrader Servers and third part feeders witj java applications.

♦ UX team structure, process approach.

♦ P2V migrations over Forex trading platform and website. .

2013 - 2016

Senior System Administrator

Company Info


♦ Ready organization for IT security audits or investigations.

♦ Manage security of network, System, and enterprise information.

♦ Review the performance of IT System to determine operating costs, productivity levels, and upgrade requirements


♦ Build relationships with external IT vendors and service providers.

♦ Benchmark and make recommendations for the improvement of the IT infrastructure of IT System.

2013 - 2016

System Administrator

Company Info


♦ Design, analyze, maintain and implement Server and storage equipment and networks.

♦ Work on all Server and storage installation projects.

♦ Develop technical policies and procedures regarding Server and storage activities.

♦ Develops new system and application implementation plans

♦ Custom and testing procedures to ensure operational reliability.

♦ Trains technical staff in how to use new software and hardware developed and/or acquired.

2007 - 2013

Tehnical Secretary

Company Info

The Union of Bulgarian Composers is a non-profit creative association.x Distribution and popularization of new music and specially Bulgarian musical works One of the most significant initiatives of UBC is the annual "New Bulgarian Music Review",


♦ Helping boost the interest in Bulgarian music of high artistic quality in the country.

♦ Coordinating equipment operation with material presented by customers according to the speaker's instructions

♦ Setting up and maintaining audio/visual equipment for various meetings and special events at universities, hotels and other institutions of the metropolitan area

♦ Performed responsibilities of keeping recording logs and maintaining sound recording equipment.

♦ Perform responsibilities of setting and monitoring the recording studio before the recording session

♦ Assigned the tasks of identifying issues and report equipment issues to the technicians for repairing.

♦ Handle the tasks of determining the level of sound by communicating with station personnel.

2005 - 2011








Lines of Code



Infrastructure as Code

Terraform | AWS

Migrating all resourses AWS to Terraform modules and automate evrything.

January 2019

Cloud Computing

PaaS | IaaS

Amazon Web Services provides countless services & a dizzying array of options. How do we get the most of devops & automation that is the promise of the cloud? .

August 2018

Continuous Delivery

Terraform, Packer, Vagrant

Define & provision resources technology stack, modularize those to push-button deploy dev, qa, staging & production.Then use that infrastructure as code to use blue/green deployments to test your code releases. It’s all possible with this powerful multi-cloud technology.

May 2018

Continuous Integration

Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar

These days there are plenty of choices for a build server. CircleCI, Travis & Jenkins to name just a few. But ultimately it’s not which one, but that you’re automating in the first place. And with that you gain the benefits of more rapid iteration, fewer & less severe outages, and agile deployments..

June 2017

Centralized Critical Events

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana

Implementation of clustered Elasticsearch Logstash and Zabbix where Grafana become on top.

March 2016

MetaTrader @Bulbrokers

Responsibility for the continuous operation and running of the MT4 system.

The main goal in this projact was to Upgrade over a 10 Windows Servers from 2003 to 2012 version and migrate him from phisical to virtual machines.Also needed to fix glitches over applications.

Augost 2015

Various servers migrations

Systems utilization engineer

Dalybased miigrations of corporated infrastructures from phisical machines to varios virtualization solutions with there hypervisor.

June 2015

Web Sites Migrations

Utilization and vulnerability analysis

Migrations of multiple sites like,,,, etc...was running on old Gentoo Distribution with PHP4 and Msql4. They was migrated to Debian 7 with PHP 5.3 and MySql5

Octomber 2014

Integration of IT Support Environment

Analyse/Guiding Engeneer

Newly founded IT company use my experience to build up support center with ticketing system, CRM and documentations System. We work hard and the benefit was with nicely unexpected.

2014 - 2016

Multiple servers Virtualization

with ESXi 5.1 Clusters

There was a any OS in the book - BSD, Linux, Windows, Cisco... All running on old phisical machines. The goal was to migrated all servers to virtual machines on VmWare.

2013 - 2016


I can say i’m quite good at


Mail Servers


Logging & Analyse




Web Servers


Network Management


Scripting & Debugging


Metatrader Servers






Based on Implementations

showcase of my latest works


Mail Servers

Postfix / Exchange



Logging / Analyzing


Networking / Routing

Unique / Creative


Portfolio Website



With Common Programming Languages


Docker Implementations



Some of my Services


Already get experience with the administration of large, diverse Server platforms in various data centers environments. Involve with people form diffrent countries. Large history with corporations cllient in banking, financial, trade, solar energy,media news, etc. I am able to effectively prioritize and oversee projects in a high-pressure environment. I feel comfortable building and pithing business cases to senior leadership. progress updates, challenges, and results to both technical and non-technical audiences.


DevOps (CI / CD)

Jenkins, Terraform, Docker, Ansible, Pupet, Elasticsearch, Git, SVN



Languages and Scripting Knowledge

Bash, Python, Groovy, Json





VmWare, XenServer, Hyper-V

KVM, Vagrant, Proxmox VE



Logging and Close Monitoring

Zabbix, Nagios, SNMP

Logstash, Graphite, Grafana




Rancher, Docker Swarm,

Kubernetes, Amazon ECS



Networking and Protocols

Routing, Switching, WAN, MAN, TCP/IP

IDS, IPS, VPN Tunels, VoIP




presented Applications in this resume are used in production, test and personal envoirments

Rumen Lishkov

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What others say about me...

  • SS

    Proven to be an extremely valuable professional and responsible employee. Rumen is very focused, competent and dedicated to his work. We relied on him to be a major figure in the planning, implementation and administration of the complete IT infrastructure in the multiple companies of the Holding, as well as our external customers. He was often preferred to work with confidential information or activities related to the representatives of the top management of the Holding, which is evidence that we have full confidence in hi

    Alfafinance Holding

  • testimonials

    I had the pleasure to work with Rumen for more than a year. For that time he proves that he is loyal, consistent and dedicated to his work. He's shown excellent knowledge and willingness to develop his skills. He is someone that you can trust and rely on. He is patient and careful and a great team player. He's proven more than once that he is highly skilled concerning Unix systems whatever the subject: installation, configuration, usage, maintenance or monitoring. I would highly recommend working with Rumen and I believe he would be a valuable member of any IT team.

    Ingima Bulgaria

  • testimonials

    Excellent Server administrator, he has been helping us since 2012. Features that are his strong point: dynamism, commitment to deadlines, dedication, availability and deep knowledge of best practices applied to Linux Server administration. We recommend his services with complete certainty..

    Jonatas S. –